Adriana Lima Gets Fucked Hard In Sex Tape

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Adriana Lima was described by GQ magazine as “The worlds most voluptuous virgin”. The gorgeous supermodel has admitted that she was shy around boys when she was a young woman, Adriana told GQ that she is a devoted Catholic who attends church every Sunday and a virgin until she got married. Characterizing her religious roots, Adriana is known for taking a Bible backstage to read. Then why is there an X-rated video circulating the internet claiming to show the sexy model indulging in intercourse with a mystery male? If you want to see more of the Adriana Lima sex tape, just click on the link.Yes indeed, those hot Catholic girls are usually the freakiest!

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In the video, the sexually alluring Brazillian supermodel takes it like a sex deprived whore, legs splayed squealing as she’s pounded hard by some well hung stud. This Victoria’s Secret lingerie model certainly knows how to fuck! It is almost mesmerizing as she lies on her back with her tits spinning in circles pulling his hips closer and wanting him deeper inside her!

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Is this really Adriana Lima on the sex tape? Her reps from her modelling agency claim that the sex tape is a fake. If you want to see more Adriana Lima naked photos and more dirt on her sex video, just click on the link.

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