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January 30th, 2017

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Kinky Adriana Lima enjoys sex by the pool

December 9th, 2016

Adriana Lima gets sprayed on her smooth feet

When Adriana Lima just want to let loose and chill with all those costume fittings, outfit changes and photo shoots for various product endorsements making her feel choked up at times, she would be in her sexy bikini and relaxing by the swimming pool before taking a nice dip. But of course there’s always a twist to this habit of hers and it’s whenever her boyfriend is around and wanted to do something naughty while they’re enjoying the view outside. Giving her BF a nice blowjob and footjob would automatically make him stiff like a board. Lima knows that a footjob is one of her boyfriend’s fetishes and it gets him off easily than having to stick his dick inside her pussy and fuck away. Lima gets her cunt drilled first of course before this horny dude gets to spray her on those smooth soles.

Adriana Lima gives head and swallows cum

July 7th, 2016

Just like any hot, sexy and famous model would do to earn more, they have to go down their high horse once in a while and get dirty. Adriana Lima is not exception. She sucks her manager’s dick and swallows his cum quite often, she could retire anytime she wants.

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Adriana Lima pussy-plays using her toy

March 9th, 2016

This hot and sultry Maybelline Cosmetics spokesperson may be selling products like pancakes because of her undeniably fine looks but she’s not just a pretty face. Adriana Lima, though not making extra cash in an adult industry, likes creating her own products at home, which involves her playful self when she’s in her sexy lingerie or simply fully naked. If she looks yummy on runway while wearing those fine Victoria’s Secret lingerie, you would drool over those round tits and wet cunt when she’s all naked and spreading her legs wide.

Horny Adriana Lima pussy-playing

It’s your lucky day, this video will show you one of her favorite pastimes, masturbating on the bed. She’s also a wild naughty chick using all sorts of sex toys to please herself. From anal beads to vibrators and sybians, name it. She likes to play and play hardcore. She’s probably one Victoria’s Secret angel you could label as the naughty kind. Or maybe a bitch in a dirty sheep’s clothing. Whatever you wanna call her, I can guarantee you’d come up with more nasty thought when you see her fucking that tight ass with her dildo as she rubs her wet twat. And, boy, those tits! They’re perfect, not too big, and would fit in your mouth if you’re keen on taking them inside for some kinky titty snack.

Adriana Lima taking a quickie break while in a wild carpet-munching session

February 24th, 2016

Adriana Lima may be one of the hottest Angels to grace the runway of Victoria’s Secret. But what many people know, especially her avid fans, is that she’s no way an angel behind closed doors. She has more secrets and this hardcore video of her kinda accidentally leaked, but who cares, right? Nobody is complaining when seeing this naughty Brazillian hottie getting more worked out while nobody is watching rather than just strutting her sexy body in lingerie on stage. You have always been trying to imagine what those breasts look like without covers, I bet, and probably wondering aimlessly what she tastes like too.

Adriana Lima in carpet-munching session

You will see it all here and watching her pussy get eaten would most likely give you an idea just how desirable she can be. Don’t get jealous now because this wild momma ain’t just for throbbing cocks, surprisingly. While waiting for the cue to get dressed for rehearsals for a new show, she went on getting filmed backstage with another fine angel and they seem to enjoy eating each other up. So, you see, there may be some truth to angels being genderless as this naughty video of Adriana clearly shows she’s up for either a horny male ready to give her holes some rough lovin’ or any sleazy chick ready to lick and eat her wet cunt. By the looks of it, this kinky honey don’t need any gym time as she already gets worked up in and out of the catwalk. And it’s not just her sexy stems that get the exercise as she also uses her tongue to fuck her girl friend’s tight twat. Enjoy Adriana’s barenaked body while you can in this hot video as she enjoys herself eating up pussy and getting her own feasted on as well.

Adriana Lima Gets Fucked Hard In Sex Tape

August 15th, 2010

hot adriana lima sextape fuck

Adriana Lima was described by GQ magazine as “The worlds most voluptuous virgin”. The gorgeous supermodel has admitted that she was shy around boys when she was a young woman, Adriana told GQ that she is a devoted Catholic who attends church every Sunday and a virgin until she got married. Characterizing her religious roots, Adriana is known for taking a Bible backstage to read. Then why is there an X-rated video circulating the internet claiming to show the sexy model indulging in intercourse with a mystery male? If you want to see more of the Adriana Lima sex tape, just click on the link.Yes indeed, those hot Catholic girls are usually the freakiest!

hot adriana lima sextape suck

In the video, the sexually alluring Brazillian supermodel takes it like a sex deprived whore, legs splayed squealing as she’s pounded hard by some well hung stud. This Victoria’s Secret lingerie model certainly knows how to fuck! It is almost mesmerizing as she lies on her back with her tits spinning in circles pulling his hips closer and wanting him deeper inside her!

hot adriana lima sextape facial

Is this really Adriana Lima on the sex tape? Her reps from her modelling agency claim that the sex tape is a fake. If you want to see more Adriana Lima naked photos and more dirt on her sex video, just click on the link.

Adriana Lima Still Fucking Around With Random Guys

April 15th, 2010

You’d think this sizzling Latina slut would finally settle down and stop slipping those cocks inside her, especially after just giving birth to a son last November 2009.  Yeah, I know that was a sad day in cocktease history.  They say an angel cries whenever a model gives birth, but don’t quote me on that, especially in front of my mother.  Hey, I still live with her, what do you expect?

But I guess hubby Marko Jaric just isnt’t giving her the warm, hard cockmeat that she needs everyday.  That means Adriana has to look outside of her marriage for a nice, hot fucking.  And I guess she’s found some in the following cockstuds she’s been hanging around lately.  I guess it’s not that hard to find a guy to ream you when you’re as hot as Adriana Lima is.  Even with a brand new kid to take care of, she’s still got the body of hmmm… a model, what else?

I guess she likes being on top, because that’s the kind of action she’s giving us in these dirty hardcore pics.  It must be a domination kind of thing, I guess.  Sitting on a hard guy’s penis brings out the inner whore in Adriana, and she just like bouncing up and down on a hard boner without a care in the world.  Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, it doesn’t matter to her, though it might to her partner, because it could matter whether you get a faceful of her yummy tits in your face or not!

It looks like she prefers it reverse-cowgirl though, and in any case you can check out even more of that kind of lusty action on Adriana Lima Naked, where this nasty Brazilian lets out her dirty side all the time.  Check it out if you don’t believe me, but be prepared with lots of tissues!

Adriana spreading legs and jerking cocks

July 2nd, 2008

It is truly such a dream come true for all of you Adriana Lima fans out there once you get to see some of these explicit nude photos of her doing her nasty thing in front of the cameras! She may have done several provocative poses in the past as she shows off her naked body in several ads or fashion magazines but nothing comes close to these revealing images of Adriana displaying her tits and delectable pussy in full frontal nudity at its finest. Truly, Adriana got what it takes to be a sex goddess and shedding more of herself for mankind to see and enjoy is something worth seeing over and over again. You’d even wish that it was your little buddy down there that she’s playing and you can now die a happy man! It seems that some guys have all the luck… and we just have to content ourselves with these pictures and live out our deep sexual fantasies about Adriana through them.

These are just some of the sample pictures we have for you and if you want to see more of Adriana’s raunchy nude pics and you are on your way to have a personal and intimate encounter with our alluring supermodel.

Adriana Lima engaging in hardcore fucking

July 2nd, 2008

We have seen Adriana Lima strutting her stuff on the catwalk or we saw her do all of those sexy and very suggestive pose for GUESS? or Victoria’s Secret but who would have thought that this uber sexy supermodel would go to the extreme in shedding off her sultry image to a more daring and smokin’ sex siren getting it on with some of the luckiest dudes in town as these explicit sex pictures show the famous brunette bombshell getting her dripping pussy and tight asshole fucked with huge, hungry cocks and Adriana seems to enjoy all of these sleaziness like a hungry slut! Comes as a big surprise, isn’t it? But what the heck, I bet a lot of guys out there would be thanking us for sharing these hot porn pictures of Adriana and now they have every reason to lock themselves inside their bedrooms and wank their pricks over her eye-popping images.

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A small collection of Adriana Lima nude pictures

July 1st, 2008

This has got to be one of the most revealing and explicit photo set of the lovely Adriana Lima and we are presenting to you some of her steamy naked pictures of the stunning supermodel that is definitely a treasure trove of goodies for those who want to see the lovely Adriana in all of her naked glory. Get to see her flaunting her gorgeous naked body as she gets all playful with her luscious pair of tits and tight, smooth pussy. She is one big tease that will make men drool with excitement and really stiff underneath! The mere sight of her beautiful face can make you grow weak in the knees and seeing her butt naked can get you literally unconscious and we hope that this small sample collection is enough to make you hard as hell and horny as a monkey.

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